Betsayda Machado and Parranda el Clavo were scheduled to leave the USA on March 16th, 2020. It was the end of a tour with stops in New York, Massachusetts,  Vermont and Florida. Just 24 hours before their departure, the Venezuelan government closed its frontiers to flights from Europe, Colombia, Panama and Dominican Republic.

Direct entrances to/from the USA were banned before

Currently you can only fly to Venezuela from Perú, Argentina, Chile, Trinidad and Cuba; and all Countries but Cuba have closed their frontiers to passengers from other Countries as well. The only current option for the band is leaving through Havana.

Tickets from Havana to Caracas are scarce, difficult to get, and costly. Flights are mainly oriented to serve bi-national collaborations between both governments and very few agencies offer them. This  fundraiser is aimed to get Betsayda and Parranda back home; we are currently safe in a hostel location in Miami with support from the local community, no one has signs of being affected by the virus and we hope to remain this way.




All of those who until now have supported and subsidized our stay in Miami, and the public video published on March 20th with donations, loans, time, team, equipment, crew, ideas, resources, contacts and connections to make our return home (hopefully) a reality.

We pray for you and look forward to the day when our Countries, organizations and governments put our citizens first, as us: People are the greatest asset and resource our Countries have.

Donations will be directed towards the expenses of returning home. If life gives us the gift of collecting more or needing less, the remaining funds will be destined in their entirety to our educational program in the community of El Clavo. A program  already serving more than two hundred students between 4 and 18 years old from communities in need; through percussion, dance and singing workshops in traditional Afrovenezuelan music.

We will be forever thankful for your support during this difficult moment.

Every collaboration counts